STEAM Play and Learn

STEAM Play & Learn – Ana Dziengel

Science, Technology Engineering and Maths

For the uninitiated, the acronym STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

STEAM learning is cross-disciplinary, with an emphasis on problem solving. STEAM Play & Learn contains 20 fun step-by-step preschool projects about science technology, engineering art and maths. As the introduction to the book states “At the preschool level, this doesn’t mean trying to teach your kids robotics and engineering, but rather presenting them with open-ended projects that allow them to problem solve, make mistakes, get creative, and most of all, have fun.” The projects are things like a colour mixing lab, citrus volcanoes, a pool noodle marble run and marble mazes.

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The Secret Sky Garden June 2018 Picure Book Roundup

June 2018 Picture Book Roundup

Animals dominate this month’s picture book roundup. We’ve had all kinds of fun with books about tigers, wombats, penguins, dinosaurs, seals, cats, a moose, a pig in a wig… we have even had a book about a whole house becoming a zoo! Hannah loves animals of all shapes and sizes, so she has been well-and-truly spoilt for choice. Welcome to the June 2018 Picture Book Roundup!

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The best part! Cronulla Predawn after run

My Sunday Photo – The Best Part of the…

Last week I posted my photos from pre-dawn Cronulla. I took the photos with my smartphone after my run. In that post I moaned about not throwing my DSLR into the back of  the car, so that I could have captured some better shots.

This week I actually remembered to pack the camera! I’m pleased that I did. The winter sky again put on a show of brilliant colours well before the sun appeared. If this isn’t motivation enough to get out of bed and go for a run, I don’t know what is! Soaking in the stunning scenes along the Cronulla foreshore is definitely the best part!

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