Continuity between School and Home with Skip Hop


As I have watched Hannah grow and change over the last few months, one thing that has amazed me is her resilience. She has had some big changes in her little world, the biggest of which was the beginning of day-care.

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Zoom April picture book roundup

April Picture Book Roundup

Wow! April sure was a great month for new picture books! We have been neck-deep in new releases (which, frankly, is just the way we like it!). And it’s not just the quantity that has been amazing this month. There has been an abundance of brilliant books – stunning images and clever stories have been the order of April. Settle in for the April Picture Book Roundup!

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Tanita RD-953 Body Composition Monitor

Tanita RD-953 InnerScan DUAL Body Composition Monitor

First Impressions

The world of fitness is fairly new to me. It wasn’t until last year that a few home truths about my lifestyle choices opened my eyes to the need to take my health a little more seriously. Imagine my surprise when I learnt just how much amazing technology there is out there to really help me get back into some kind of shape!

One of the most surprising pieces of equipment that I have recently discovered is Tanita’s Body Composition Monitors. I was amazed when I found out just how much data I can gain about my body, just by standing on something that essentially looks like a set of bathroom scales.

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