A Cautionary Infographic About the Perils of Beetroot

Parents. Can I have your attention please? I feel that it is my civic duty to share with you this cautionary tale about the perils of beetroot. I speak from experience, I speak with a heavy heart, and I speak in the visually pleasing and very ‘now’ format of an infographic.   The following are the words of my conscience from last […]

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The Birds

A few days ago I wrote about my trip to the beach to capture the perfect sunrise. While things didn’t go exactly as planned, I was fortunate enough to walk away with some pretty decent shots. One thing that I didn’t include in that post was the chance encounter with some birds. Since I started taking photographs as a hobby […]

Botany bay, sunrise


One of my favourite things to do is get out of the house before dawn, drive to a beach or river and set up for a sunrise photo shoot. It was an activity that I used to do semi-regularly, but with work and family commitments it had been a long time since I’d had the opportunity. A couple of days […]

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No Longer My Little Baby Girl

To my darling daughter, I have come to realise something recently. It’s something that makes me feel slightly sad. Yet at the same time, it’s uplifting, exciting. I have come to realise that you are no longer my little baby girl. I feel sadness because for the past 16 months, a tiny little helpless baby has been my whole world. […]

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